Form Number Form Name IRCC Fees CA Immigration Preparation Fee
CIT 0001E Application for a Citizenship Certificate for Adults and Minors (Proof of Citizenship) 75 $ 49 $
CIT 0002E Application for Canadian Citizenship under Subsection 5(1) - Adults 18 Years of Age and Older 630 $ (Adult) 130 $
IMM 5444E Application for a Permanent Resident Card 50 $ 59 $

Government Fees:

Please note that all prices detailed above are in CAD.

The fees payable to the IRCC depend on which application you are applying for and where you are applying from; they can only be paid online. You must pay the Government fees separately to complete your application submission, as you are required to include official proof of payment along with your application.

Applications to IRCC (formerly known as CIC) will not be processed without the official receipt for the payment of the required government fees.

Once you have received the payment receipt you are required to:

  • Print a receipt of your payment
  • Include it with your application
  • Keep a copy of your proof of payment for your records

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